consignment faq

·The consignment period is 60 days.

After the 60 days, the item(s) is expired.  You have 7 days (grace period) to pick up your item(s) or we can donate it for you.  If you have not picked up your item(s) within the 7 day grace period, it will become the property of Home Again.

It is your responsibility to check with us to see whether your items have sold or not.  We suggest that you call or email once a month to check on your item(s).  We have many consignors, so we are unable to call each person about item(s) that have sold.

The price on your item(s) will stay at their determined price for as long as customers are interested in the piece.  We will then mark it down as we see fit during the consignment period.

Consignment is a 50-50 split on furniture and accessories.

We must see the item(s) in which you want to consign so we can assure quality prior to acceptance.  You can bring your camera/phone in with the image of the item, or you can email a picture (preferably) to

We appreciate your business.

Thank You!